Unicef & Linda - Minderen voor Kinderen

 CLIENT: Unicef & Linda.Foundation
 Agency: The Gardeners
 SERVICE: Product Photography by jaap vliegenthart

“If we all spend less money on thing we don’t necessarily need, we can easily save enough money to help children in poverty.” Minderen voor Kinderen stands for: Let’s consume less for Kids. With a application you can save the money you are spending on little extras in life. In the app you can see what Unicef and the Linda.Foundation can do with the money you saved. For example: in stead of drinking a coffee to go, you can buy a thermo blanket for a child who needs it. With our media, the campaign reached over 2 million people and counting.

Linda de Mol asked the people who are wealthy enough to spend less on a weekly base. To help those who are in need of a little extra. The application is still running and is downloadable in the iOS store and Android store.