Knack Weekend Magazine Weekend Magazine

 CLIENT: Knack Magazine BE
 Photographer: Stephanie Pistel
 SERVICE: Post Production

Rainbow Warrior – Knack Weekend is a weekly magazine form Belgium. Stephanie Pistel made these beautiful pictures of dutch model Adama Jobe. By using a high saturation, the colours of the model and accessoires really stands out. Stephanie Pistel is a renowned photographer & director double-based in Amsterdam and New York. Passioned about celebrity portraiture, beauty and fashion. Unified by her signature photographic style, each of her images tells its very own story, capturing Stephanie’s filmic vision. 

Knack Weekend brings you the latest lifestyle news, fast and thorough, that’s Knack Weekend. Newsflashes, intriguing, critic analysis’s, well written and often moving stories. On a weekly base in our magazine, or daily via our website.

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