Jimmy Nelson – Before They Pass Away

Jimmy Nelson - Before They Pass Away

 CLIENT: Jimmy Nelson
 SERVICE: Post Production books

Since 2002 we have been working happily together with our good friend Jimmy Nelson. Magic Digital Partners did all the post production work for his two books: ‘Before They Pass Away’ and his latest ‘Homage to Humanity’. It is always a pleasure to see Jimmy do his work, one of the best photographers in the world.

Jimmy Nelson is not an anthropologist or a man of science. He does not claim to have the knowledge to address the questions we have about indigenous and other traditional cultures. He is a photographer and a storyteller. What started as a naive engagement with the peoples he met during work assignments, has over a period of three decades turned into a personal project. The book Before They Pass Away is an homage to the cultures he will probably never fully understand, but which will never stop luring him on this unending journey of (self) exploration.