Giel Beelen

The Roast of Giel Beelen

 CLIENT: Giel Beelen – Roast of Giel
 Agency: Viacom
 SERVICE: CGI & Post Production

The Roast is a returning program on Comedy Central where “BN’ers” (Famous Dutchies) get roasted by their colleagues from TV. As it is a roast, the idea revolved around Giel’s media mistakes. For example, hiring a hooker in his studio, leaving the Glazen Huis for Veronica because of a big money deal, or just being racist to Sylvana Simons. We wanted to put him down as a selfish money-grabbing playboy. Among the board of roasters we invited Sylvana Simons, Henry van Loon, Gijs Staverman, Lange Frans, Dennis Weening, Soundos and Kaj van der Ree.