Design New Euro Coin

Design New National Coin

 CLIENT: Ministry of Finance
 Agency: Erwin Olaf x MDP
 SERVICE: Animation, CGI and 3D

Familiar, unlike the previous design, but connected with the character of the previous coins to emphasize the mother – son relationship. These were some of the starting points of photographer Erwin Olaf (Hilversum, 1959) for his coin design. The design had to be distinctive from all other euro coins and fit within the range of the various European designs. With his design, Olaf symbolizes the binding power of our monarchy and makes a statement about our country. His background as a photographer is also visible. Olaf set the bar very high for himself. This has led to an innovative and striking coin that does justice to the Dutch design tradition. And to a coin series that we can be proud of! Since 2014 there are new euro coins with the image of King Willem-Alexander. The design of photographer Erwin Olaf with the image of King Willem-Alexander was announced on October 31, 2013.