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Magic x Erwin Olaf x Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 01-06-2018

Photographer Erwin Olaf has donated 500 of his works to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. He is described as one of the most important photographers of the final quarter of the 20th century and his work is deeply rooted in the visual traditions of Dutch art and history. We cannot agree more. His photos are controversial, daring and provocative. Plenty became iconic and appeared in standard works on modern photography. Special about his work is how there are several layers hidden in the photo, ready to be discovered while looking at it over and over again.


Needless to say we are very proud of the ongoing collaboration with Erwin and the association to his work. Many of the works donated to the Rijksmuseum have been established with the help of Magic. We have been working together for over 18 years and over the years our professional relation has become natural as a solid friendship. Before a shoot we always discus idea's and possibilities and Magic always takes care of the post production. That is excactly what we love about working with Erwin, to be a part of the complete creative process and to create magic, the challenge to reach the best possible result together.


Olaf’s core collection contains items from his whole career. Items include self-portraits; portraits of famous people; series like Chessmen, Mind of their Own, Paradise Grief, and our absolute favorites: Hope, Dawn, Dusk and Berlin. Also included are photos commissioned by the Dutch National Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater, Bottega Veneta, Vogue, The New York Times and Diesel. We had a lot of fun creating photo's for advertising campaigns of international companies like Nokia, Levis and Microsoft together.


We just wrapped up the Shanghai project. This particular exhibition is the second part of a three chapter’s project primarily devoted to various stages of the human growth process and each of them takes place in a different city. Read more about the Shanghai Project.

Young adults in Shanghai 24-05-2018

With this particular series, Erwin Olaf tries to articulate the feeling of alienation, loneliness, and estrangement omnipresent with the generation of young people who are on the verge of their adult lives. The represented figures seem to be distanced and reserved not only for the camera but for any possible interaction.



This behavior is not just a manifestation on one’s free will; moreover, it is an effect of complex social and cultural codex on one side, and on the other of the increasing change of the cityscape caused by a growing capital.



The dystopian visions Olaf produces are additionally strange due to the use of specific, almost vintage imagery which intensifies the feeling of both drama and disorientation so typical for the contemporary moment.


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